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I Believe . . .

I Believe that . . .

Education + Fluid Timeline = Moments Captured


This is the formula I follow for any event I capture. It is a simple equation yet very powerful in making sure that your event goes smoothly and that your story is told the best that it can possibly can. My experience in my day job has thought me a lot about Strategic Planning and I apply every aspect of it to my client’s events.

Education: From our initial meeting up to the days leading to your big day, I make sure that I educate as much as I can to help you make decisions and to set your expectations as to what is really needed to have a smooth event. This education is not limited to what happens during a wedding, but how the weather, location, time between ceremony and reception or even the time you get your hair and makeup started could have an effect on your day.

Fluid Timeline: The KEY to a stress free wedding day is a robust but flexible timeline. This is something that I would work with you in detail to make sure that we have more than enough time to capture what is needed for your day. Every photo taken on your wedding takes time and time is something I would not want you to run out of on your wedding day.

This is the foundation of my wedding photography workflow and has allowed me to capture moments and provide a great experience to my couples.


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